And Now the Mixed-Breed Son of a Burkina Faso Prostitute and a Monkey Tries Being a Mugu: +22665238873

from: Aisha Gddafi reply-to: to: date: Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 1:36 PM subject: Dear Friend, mailed-by: signed-by: security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more Dear Friend, Spam x Aisha Gddafi 1:36 PM (2 hours ago) to me Why is this message in Spam? You clicked "Report spam" for this message. Learn more Dear Friend, How are you and your family? Hope all is well with you all, if so glory be to God. For the effort you made trying to help me accomplish my past deal despite the fact that you gave up on the way but by the special grace of God I succeeded with another partner and I have travelled for establishment. Meanwhile, a left an ATM VISA CARD valued the sum of ($800,000.00usd) Eight hundred thousand dollars with the western union money transfer to be transferred/send to you. They told me that they will be sending the sum of ($5,000.00usd) five thousand dollars to you everyday until the total sum is completed; that is the western union maximum sending there. So feel free to contact the western union in Burkina-Faso with their contact information listed below, and furnish them with your information as listed below: Your full name:………… Country:………………. City:……………… Tel:......................... Contact the western union office: Name: Mr. Mohammad Jawad Post: Foreign Operation Manager Address: Av. Du Conseil De L'entente Ouagadougou, Kadiogo 01 BP 4955. Email: Tel: +226 65238873 Regards, Aisha Gddafi