Old Scamming Turd Who Once Pretended to Work for Google, Now Has a Domain That Spoofs Microsoft: www.micro-sftdept.com

from: Microsoft Corporation reply-to: drjohnwelch@yandex.com to: date: Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 1:24 AM subject: [G-SPAM] Anniversary Draws security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more [G-SPAM] Anniversary Draws Spam x Microsoft Corporation 1:24 AM (10 hours ago) to Be careful with this message. Many people marked similar messages as phishing scams, so this might contain unsafe content. Learn more MICROSOFT® CORPORATION Cardinal Place 80-100 Victoria Street London,SW1E 5JL United Kingdom Dear Winner, The prestigious Microsoft and Aol has set out and successfully organized a Sweepstakes marking the year 2017 anniversary we rolled out over GBP4,419,864 for our end of year Anniversary Draws. Participants for the draws were randomly selected and drawn from a wide range of web hosts which we enjoy their patronage. The selection was made through a computer draw system attaching personalized email addresses and Microsoft accounts to ticket numbers. If you ignore this, you will regret it later. Microsoft and AOL are now the largest Internet companies and in an effort to make sure that Internet Explorer remains the most widely used program, Microsoft and AOL are running an e-mail beta test. It is obvious that this notification will come to you as a surprise but please find time to read it carefully as we congratulate you over your email success in the following official promotion awards of the Microsoft Email Electronic Cash Sweepstakes 2017 organized by Microsoft Corporation, in conjunction with the foundation for the promotion of software products, (F.S.P),in the Microsoft Corporation UK, Head Quarters London United Kingdom, where your email address emerged as one of the online winning emails in the 1st category and therefore attracted a cash award of 950,000.00 GBP (Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling),Our Microsoft 2017 winners are arranged into four categories with different winning prizes accordingly in each category. We write to officially notify you of this award and to advise you to contact the processing office immediately upon receipt of this message for more information concerning the verification, processing and eventual payment of the above prize to you. It is important to note that your award information was released with the following particulars attached to it. They are arranged in this format below: (1). Award Numbers: GB/MS/963/2017 (2). Email Bonus Numbers: MSLP-54399 (3).Batch Numbers: GB/MS/776/354 (4). Reference Numbers: MGB/96/097/07 (5). Serial Numbers: MSGB/2017/M986 Microsoft Verification Requirements (1). Full Name (2). Address (3). Nationality/Gender (4). Age (5). Occupation (6). Phone (7). Country (8). How do you feel as a Microsoft Winner (9). Ever Won an Online Award or Bonus (10). Winning Email Address To file for your claim, please contact the Microsoft GB Manager for claim of your winning within (29) Twenty-nine working days of this winning notification. Winnings that are not validated within Twenty-nine working days of winning notification are termed void as unclaimed funds will be liquidated by the Microsoft Promotion Company. You are required to mention the above particulars of your award in every correspondence to enable the Manager validate your winnings. NOTE: (1). To fill the claims processing form if you are not used to PDF files, you print it out and fill it or simply copy the entire notification letter to either Microsoft Word or Notepad for easy access. (2). Do not broadcast your Price Award until your winning money is successfully handed over to you to avoid disqualification that may arise from double claim. You may also receive similar e-mails from people portraying to be other Organizations or Microsoft Corporation. This is solely to collect your personal information from you and lay claim over your notification letter that was sent to you by us, Microsoft shall not be held responsible for any loss of fund arising from the above mentioned. Dr John Welch General Manager, Public/Online Sector U.K E-mail: contact@micro-sftdept.com E-mail: drjohnwelch@micro-sftdept.com (PH): +44 190 450 1125 MICROSOFT® CORPORATION Dr John Welch General Manager, Public/Online Sector U.K E-mail: contact@micro-sftdept.com E-mail: drjohnwelch@micro-sftdept.com (PH): +44 190 450 1125 MICROSOFT® CORPORATION Click here to Reply or Forward