Mugu Lump of Shit from Nigeria Uses an Australian VOIP Phone: 614-88810519 And Gmail:

from: Dr Kunle Ayo <"www."> reply-to: to: date: Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 10:27 PM subject: Global Financial Services Australia Fund,,,,, mailed-by: security: did not encrypt this message Learn more Global Financial Services Australia Fund,,,,, Spam x Dr Kunle Ayo <"www."> 10:27 PM (10 hours ago) to Why is this message in Spam? It's similar to messages that were detected by our spam filters. Learn more Global Financial Services Australia Melbourne, VIC. 106, Phone -- +614-88810519 Fax-- +61283106458, Top Secret Attention Esteem Beneficiary My name is Dr Kunle Ayo, formal director of currency Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), I wish you to share this brief story with you after my discussion with my church pastor and wife, I am the person who removed your payment Contractual Redialed Disk and reallocated to Australia after my private investigation reveals a lot fraud and extortion melted on foreign contractors / Inheritors. I have been following your case for long and i am not happy with what is going on, you must promise me that you will not mention to anyone what i am about to reveal to you. If you tell anybody about this message or about me then i will leave you to continue dealing with the criminals. In Addition, You will hear more details of why you have not been paid as soon as you respond to this message; I am working with Australian financial global services, I am ready to release your funds through our platform since your Payment Redialed Disk is with me but you must promise me of sincerity to keep my identification and location secret, those people can kill me even here in Australia. They are looking for me presently, stop further dealings with them because I am with your payment redialed disk which means you will not receive any funds outside me. Disregard whatever parcel from them, like ATM or Hard Copies, is just an advance trick to convince you further for more money, you will find out the whole practice once you respond positively to this message. your email address is on the contractual inheritance diskette prsently with me here in australia. Sincerely, Dr Kunle Ayo Foreign Representative